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Wheelchairs & Walkers

Wheelchairs & Walkers

In need of a wheelchair or walker? The options are endless. Manual, tilting, reclining. First you need to think about where, when, and for how long a period of time the chair will be used. After that's decided measurements are important. Seat height, width, depth, back height, arm height are just a few to start with. How you sit (for a wheelchair can determine what type of back support is sufficient and how you walk can determine what sort of walker frame style would be best. Talking to proffessionals and getting input from  qualified Therapists is an asset  that can save you money in the long run.

Trials are an important part of the process, and just as important is knowing you can get adjustments made and service when you need it. We offer that one on one service to help make stressful times a little easier. The Comfort Zone offers a wide variety of walkers, wheelchairs, cushions & backs so you're sure to find one that suits you best.

Here is a list of links to our suppliers: http://www.motioncomposites.com/en/?lang=en   http://www.futuremobility.ca/   http://www.pdgmobility.com/   http://ca.brodaseating.com/    http://www.eclipsemedical.com/    http://www.evolutionwalker.com/    http://www.drivemedical.com/   http://humancaregroup.com/en/ca-start    http://www.advancedhealthcare.ca/products/Manufacturer.aspx?ID=6http://www.dynamichcs.com/index.php/en/    http://www.nthawk.com/