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Tofino and Ucluelet



EZ -Access Modular ramps

The Pathway Modular Access System from EZ-ACCESS allows for infinite modular ramp configurations, creating safe and seamless access for both standard and unique entryways.

With its durable aluminum construction, the Pathway Modular Access System doesn't deteriorate in the outdoor elements. You won't have to worry about slipping thanks to a slip-resistant surface design to maintain traction in any weather conditions.

The self-adjusting bottom transition plate on the Pathway Modular Access System allows for smooth ramp-to-ground transition on most surface types.

The multi-positional base feet allow the Pathway Modular Access System to be positioned anywhere - including next to foundations.

The unique handrail connectors join the rails of the Pathway Modular Access System securely, creating smooth, continuous handrails.

The innovative ramp connectors used on the Pathway Modular Access System provide a smooth (bump-free) ramp-to-platform transition, eliminating trip hazards.

In addition to the modular ramps we offer Portable ramps, folding suitcase ramps and threshhold ramps.