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New Rental Product

October 22, 2018 - 4:37pm -- Comfort Zone
10" Lateral Rotation Mattress with on Demand Low Air Loss available for rent or purchase at The Comfort Zone Mobility Aids & Spas in Port Alberni BC

We are now offering a 10" Lateral Rotation mattress with on demand low air loss for rental and purchase too! This mattress is designed to help heal and prevent bedsores.  The combination therapy active system incorporates the functions of lateral rotation and low air loss to assist with pulmonary blood flow and mucosal drainage as well as providing microclimate control to keep the patient cool and dry.  The control unit offers 10 comfort levels, 10,20, 30 & 60 minute adjustable turning cycles and maximum turn angle adjustments. Turning modes include combinations of ¼, ½, ¾, and adjustable turning positions up to 40 degrees with left, right, both or none (static) directions. Audio and Visual alarm alerts when air pressure is low and 10" high side air bolsters provide fall prevention protection and facilitate safe patient transfers. A pillow feature provides head stability and comfort. Advanced Clinical and Care Giver Features: Auto-Firm, auto-recovery, microprocessing feedback, lock-out and more! Unique split air cells provide customizable turn time and rotation angles for patient comfort and satisfaction. Solonoid valves prevent air loss and provide power outage protection. Removable quilted Nylon cover is fluid resistant, low shear and vapor permeable helping protect the skin from friction and moisture. CPR valve allows for rapid deflation inthe event of an emergency. If this mattress could be of help to a loved one in your care please call us for rates and availability 250 724 4477. We are located at 4408 China Creek Road in Port Alberni, BC on Vancouver Island.