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Need A New Hot Tub Cover?

November 10, 2017 - 12:21pm -- Comfort Zone
Custom Hot Tub Covers at The Comfort Zone Mobility Aids & Spas

No one likes to do it, but eventually the time comes when your hot tub cover feels like a slab of concrete and the burdon of taking it off defeats the stress relieving benefits of using your hot tub! The Comfort Zone offers you Custom Built Hot Tub Covers. We will come to your home to get accurate measurements and deliver it when it is made. You can choose from a variety of colors and different thickness of foam. 
Here is a sample of a custom cover we supplied recently. Our builders are creative, and their work is meticulous. 2 year warranty on manufacture defects.
The purchaser of this cheery Sky Blue cover found that lifting half a side all at once was physically challenging, with the one side sectioned into quarters it makes it much more manageable for their situation.
Some tips for extending the life of your cover:
Be sure the water chemistry is correct, incorrect chemistry will damage the top vinyl, the liner bottom side of cover, and the thread used in the sewing of the cover.

Discolored vinyl, a raised texture (puckered with a popcorn
look) to the liner finish and seams coming apart are indications of wrong water chemistry. Proper water chemistry will extend the life of your cover.
When shocking, remove cover completely till shocking process is finished.