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NEW Trionic all terrain walker

January 7, 2016 - 4:18pm -- Comfort Zone

All Veloped models share a new innovation; the Trionic Climbing Wheel (patent pending). The wheel technology provides several advantages; curb- and obstacle climbing, suspension and a dual-mode handling control. With its climbing wheel, the 3-wheel design and air-pressured tires a Veloped offers excellent driving characteristics and unbeatable comfort.

Trionic Climbing Wheel

The Trionic Climbing Wheel greatly increases the ability to overcome different kinds of obstacles when walking outdoors. By spreading the load over two wheels, slightly displaced lengthwise, the climbing sequence is divided into two steps. The climbing capacity is enhanced even more through an angled link arm that uses the pushing force provided by the user. This gives the Veloped a unique feature, the capacity to climb a 13 cm high obstacle, for instance a high curb or rock. When climbing a 3,2 cm high obstacle, the amount of force needed is only 1/8 of the force that a single wheel of an equal diameter requires.

The pivoting link arm also provides suspension. On uneven ground it constantly pivots and suspends the ride. The suspension turns an off-road walk with a Veloped into pure pleasure.

Terrain or city use

The climbing wheel can be dually adjusted according to environment and terrain. For easy turning and maneuvering use the city-mode, whereby the front wheel is lifted with retained climbing capacity. In the all-terrain mode the wheel provides suspension, climbing ability and increased direction stability which is perfect for the hike, golf course or workout.

3-wheel design

The 3-wheel design of the Veloped results in permanent ground contact on all uneven surfaces. The “shopping cart-syndrome”, with rising and spinning wheels, is effectively avoided. The Veloped will roll in the direction you want it to, and it will not turn a nightmare to maneuver like any conventional 4-wheeler. The advantages are apparent on cobbles, gravel, grass, snow and in any off-road terrain. 

Hub brake

Each Veloped is equipped with hub brakes working the rear wheels.

In addition to the motion brake they also have a parking function, which is easily locked if you would like to sit down and rest for a while.

The design of the brake protects it from gravel and water, and at the same time it does not cause any tire wear.


Through a quick push of the button on the telescopic folding stay, you can fold your Veloped to pass narrow passages. To fully fold it for transport or storage, press the second button on the telescopic stay and fold the frame fully.

You can also push the grip bar to the bottom position and detach the wheels by releasing the quick release axles.

Wheel Adjuster

The climbing wheel is adjustable for different conditions and terrain.

For superior maneuverability, easy turning and with retained climbing capacity the front wheel is raised with a simple adjustment handle.

In its altered position, the all-terrain mode, the wheel has a suspension/climbing function with increased direction steadiness; perfect for the off-road walk.

If you would like to view the Trionic SPORT 14er we have one in stock. Pop round the Comfort Zone today and try it out. If conventional walkers are keeping you off the trails then this walker could change your life!!