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Helio Wheelchairs are now available at The Comfort Zone

October 2, 2013 - 12:10pm -- Comfort Zone

Motion Composites believes in empowering wheelchair users. Clunky and inefficient equipment is unfortunately too common and something had to be done. Wheelchairs simply need to be better and that’s why we use the very best technology available to enhance mobility and improve people’s lives.
Better mobility is achieved through light, rigid, efficient, adjustable and reliable devices. In 2008, we launched the first everyday wheelchair to use high-end materials and cutting-edge engineering that was met with both critical acclaim from renowned therapists and praise from thousands of users. With the feedback received and the knowledge acquired, we are extremely proud to launch a new generation of innovative wheelchairs.
Helio C2 (Carbon Fiber)
26% lighter than the competition. The Helio changed the way we see wheelchairs thanks to outstanding performance and unrivaled lightness. We are doing it again with the C2, lowering our own trend-setting weight by 10%! Fully equipped, the Helio C2 is strikingly lighter than the competition with a 9 pounds difference.
The lowest seat-to-floor height. The innovative frame design of the Helio C2 lets you achieve a super low 13 ½" seat-to-floor height with a 4" caster on a standard frame. That's the same frame that can go up to 21"!
Truly innovative armrest. Our new composites lightweight armrest quickly converts from flip-back to single post for easier configuration. Height adjustments are just a flick away thanks to a simple trigger system. On top of this, experience safer transfers with our enhanced rubber grip finish.
Get more mileage out of your energy. Everybody benefits from an easier to propel wheelchair. Featuring an entirely symmetrical carbon fiber cross brace, oval shaped tubes and oversized pivot axles,  our unique Ultra rigid Folding System (UFS) maximizes frame rigidity and energy conservation.
Helio A7 (Aluminum)
The lightest wheelchair of its class. We are unrivaled when it comes to lightness, no matter the material. Thanks to cutting edge design paired with the outstanding properties of 7000 series aluminum, a Helio A7 with a standard configuration weighs at least 5 pounds less than the other popular wheelchairs in its category.
Veloce: (Carbon Fiber)
The lightest folding wheelchair in the world. The Veloce is the most technologically advanced wheelchair for active users. It redefines what a wheelchair should be by offering unrivaled lightness, rigidity and responsiveness while keeping the important advantage of a compact folding system. With a total weight starting at 8.0 kg and a transport weight of only 5.1 kg, it feels like a Formula 1 but fits in the trunk of a Mini.
Carbon Fiber: We use the same high quality material used in F1 and aerospace to design and build the lightest wheelchairs on earth. Our T700 high-modulus carbon fiber is unrivaled when it comes to strength and rigidity. This means our frame is not only ultra-light, but also exceptionally strong.
Introducing the Mantis frame. It’s an entirely new type of wheelchair construction inspired by the rigidity of box frames and the look and lightness of cantilever frames. The result is a closed frame in the back to fit our UFS (Ultra rigid Folding System) and a minimalist front end offering full configuration possibilities and an outstanding look.
Helio Kids:
26% lighter than the competition. The Helio changed the way we see wheelchairs thanks to outstanding performance and unrivaled lightness… We are doing it again with the C2 kids, weighing 9 pounds less than the competition for a complete configuration. We even lowered our own trend-setting weight by 10 %.
Depth adjustable back It is now even easier to grow a wheelchair thanks to the brand new depth adjustable back of the Helio kids! Adjust the depth of a chair up to 3” with infinite adjustments for class-leading precision and comfort.
Height adjustable footplates. Only seconds are needed to precisely adjust the height of our new footplates! The Helio kids offer the flexibility and convenience you need in order to achieve enhanced mobility. It truly is child’s play!
Stroller handles. Our high-quality stroller handle offers improved rigidity and pushing possibilities. The handle comes with a simple latch system for easy removal when transporting the wheelchair.