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Top 5 Things To Do When You Buy a Home with a Pre-Existing Hot Tub

You are a new home owner and you are excited to move into your brand new home! Even better there’s a HOT TUB that comes with the house! Now your excitement has hit the next level! Wait! Before you jump in and claim this hot tub as your own there are a few steps you need to take.
1: Make sure you get new filters! This is extremely important as the filters are the hardest working part of your hot tub. These filters have been there for who knows how long and you wouldn’t use someone else’s tooth brush would you? Make sure you invest in new ones. Clean these monthly and save yourself more trouble with a good filter cleaner as well.
2: Flush your hot tub! Give it a complete rinse and refill it before using it. When concerned about cleaning products you can use a mild vinegar and water mixture to really get rid of those ring marks. 1 Part Vinegar and 3 parts water, it’s a natural and effective way to sanitize your spa.
3: If you want to make sure all your bases are covered and to minimize you future worries you can always call a tech to come look over your spa. Give you tub a tune up increase the longevity and optimize performance.
4: Inspect your hot tub cover! If your cover is waterlogged or ripped/Torn, this can cause heat loss and back ache. A water logged cover can be extremely difficult to lift and open even with a lifter. If the spa cover has any holes or tears, it can be costly on your heating and greatly reduce the energy efficiency of your spa.
5: Pick up a proper water treatment guide for your day to day use and make sure to follow it. It is very important to get some training and know-how on water treatment for your hot tub! Contact Us for some information on hot tub chemicals and treatment.