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Thermoskin Gloves for Arthritis

These anatomically shaped gloves provide relief from pain and discomfort due to arthritis
They provide warmth by capturing the body’s own heat, and offer light, comfortable support to relieve tissue swelling. Worn at night, it can help you get a good night's sleep; during the day, it can increase your dexterity.
The inner layer is a special fabric called Trioxon which allows your skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry. The middle layer is a rubberized material that provides light compression. The outer layer is made of a non-slip material that provides additional grip strength for everyday activities.
These gloves are sold in pairs
To get the right fit:
Measure the circumference of the hand with a fabric tape measure. Go around the 4 knuckles as a group, where the fingers join to the palm of your hand.
XS: 15-17 cm (6-6 ¾ “)
S:    18-20 cm (7-7 ¾”)
M:   21-23 cm (8-8 ¾”)
L:    24-26 cm (9 ¼-10”)
XL:  27-29 cm (10 ¾-11 ½”)
XXL:30+ cm    (11 ¾”+)