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Power Chair Vs Mobility Scooter – “Which will suit my lifestyle?”

Power Chair Vs Mobility Scooter

For those with mobility impairment, both electric power chairs and mobility scooters are a great solution to regaining your independence and freedom to live life on your terms. Deciding which will one best suits your lifestyle and mobility needs is important.

The following article will provide you with a guide to the differences in power chairs and electric scooters, weighing up the pros and cons so that you eventually chose the mobility device that is perfect for you. In order to make an informed decision, it is important to understand the differences as they are outlined below.

Benefits of Electric Power chairs – Getting around the home made easy again!

An electric power chair is a high-tech piece of mobility equipment that is designed to dramatically improve mobility. Usually equipped with four to six wheels and steered by a programmable joystick, electric power chairs are highly maneuverable and versatile enough to be used both indoors and on some outdoor terrain.

Given their exceptional maneuverability the main benefit of an electric power chair is that they are ideal for indoor use and getting around tight corners. Restricted areas such as pulling up under a table, getting into a bathroom/bedroom, and navigating a kitchen are all made possible with the proper power chair. So if your primary area of concern is indoor mobility – performing daily tasks around the home, then a power chair will be an effective mobility aid for you.

The other benefit of the electric wheelchair is that they offer a broad range of seating options which include posture conforming backs & headrests, tilt, stand and elevate features which will make them more comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Power chairs are typically very durable and stable and it is because of this that is often assumed that they are too heavy to transport, and often this is true, without ramps or the proper vehicle. There are a number of portable options available that are capable of folding and/or being dismantled for easy transportation though, but they don’t typically much more basic in seating.

Benefits of Mobility Scooters – Regain your independence outside of the home!

If you primarily need mobility assistance outside the home – hitting the pavements to head to the shops for example, then a motorized mobility scooter may be the best solution for you. With the added benefits of greater range, handle-bar steering, and safety features such as headlights and indicators, longer battery life and better suspension, electric scooters are a safer alternative for those looking to increase their mobility outdoors. Mobility scooters are broken in to three general types that can be chosen for a specific lifestyle that cover a wide range of uses, from travel on rough terrain and navigation in tight area such as store aisles; Small/portable, Medium size& range and Large/greater weight capacity & Range. Typically the larger the scooter the bigger the batteries/motor thus the longer distance that can be travelled.

“So how do I know which one to choose?”

In summary, if you are primarily in need of mobility assistance inside your home to perform your daily acts of living and routine, then a power chair may be the best option – giving you the freedom to spend more time with your family or enjoy the grandkids at the park. On the flipside, if your primary need for mobility assistance is outside of the home, then an electric mobility scooter may be the best solution-enabling you to select from a variety of types ranging from portable, to sturdy, heavy duty scooters to hit the pavements once again and enjoy all that life has to offer.

At the Comfort Zone we are happy to discuss your mobility requirements, show you examples of different models and find what suits you best to make this decision as easy as possible with no appointment necessary. Our store is located at 4408 China Creek Road in Port Alberni BC. 250 724 4477