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The MOLLY BATHER bathlift

Motly Bather Bathlift

Easy, convenient, and allows you to maximize the space in your tub, while leaving you feeling independant and safe in your bathroom alone.
Some facts about The Molly Bather:

The Molly Bather is the only bath lift with a luxury padded transfer-stool.

• The powerful battery gives around 20 bath lifts between charges.

• Raise and lower effortlessly with the slip-cushion.

• A full soak, at the very bottom of your bath tub.

• The bath lift is operated by a waterproof handset.

• The belt unclips for others to use the bath unaided


The Molly Bather comes with the versatile EZ-RAIL. (Suitable for solid and timber-stud walls, and under most windows). 


The Molly Bather comes with an anti-bacterial white padded stool-seat and white (or navy blue) slip-cushion


Specs & Dimensions


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