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People are becoming more conscious of being overweight and in poor physical condition. There’s plenty of evidence that living a healthy lifestyle allows you to live a longer, productive and happy life. Any legitimate weight loss program involves exercise but the problem is that most of us have trouble maintaining a consistent workout routine simply because we don’t like to exercise. If it’s not enjoyable, eventually we’ll find excuses not to do it. Once you’re out of the routine, it’s so hard to start it up again!
Biking is a great form of exercise, as it allows you to build up your cardiovascular system and work out several muscle groups while you burn calories. But the best part is that biking is fun! Why is it that we don’t bike more often then? The answer: hills and headwinds. We know that somewhere along the ride, we will encounter a hill or headwind that we just do not want to fight and therefore -- most of the time -- we’ll not even get on our bikes.
That’s the beauty behind the Pedego electric bike. The battery-driven electric motor gives us the ability to conquer virtually any hill or headwind that we may encounter. But, how can you get exercise riding an electric bike? It’s simple! You can still pedal. Granted, you will not be exercising as hard as you might on a regular bike but the point is that with a Pedego, you will venture out into the world on your bike since you have the confidence of knowing that the hills are flattened and every wind is a tailwind with your electric motor assisting you! And, since riding a Pedego is so much fun, it will be something you can do consistently, often allowing you to build up your physical health while losing weight.
There are so many testimonials from Pedego owners detailing how they have been able to shed unwanted pounds riding their bikes and how they feel stronger the more they ride. Rhonda, from Southern California, has lost over 80 pounds riding her Pedego up and down the beaches. For her, riding her Pedego gives her freedom to get around while she has a blast because of how much fun the riding is.
Another Pedego owner, Mike, was so overweight and out of shape that he could barely walk across a room without needing to sit and rest, completely out of breath. Now, one year after starting his riding program, Mike is putting in over 15 miles a day on his Pedego and his mental outlook on life has changed dramatically. For him and every Pedego owner, riding is fun and he looks forward to getting out there and exploring the world around him. If you’re looking for ways to help get into better physical condition and drop a few unwanted pounds, riding a bike is the perfect, fun way of accomplishing your goals.