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Are You Looking For A Secure And Easy To Use Bedrail?

Steadymate Classic Bedrail

With a Steadymate Classic Bedrail you’ll feel much more stable and secure getting in and out of bed.

Steadymate Bed Rails have a strong one piece steel frame fitted with six foam grips to hold it in place between the mattress and box spring.
The Steadymate Bed Rail functions most effectively when placed beside the pillow near the head of the bed
This simple bed rail installs quickly and easily for bedside convenience. Simply slide it between the box spring and mattress. There is also a strap to secure it to the box spring support rail on the far side of the bed.
Alsoavailable is the Steady Bed Rail
Designed like the Classic Bed Rail, the Steady Bed Rail also has two strong, adjustable PVC stabilizer legs for extra stability during heavy use.
Specifications for CLASSIC BED RAIL:  Max. user weight- 200 lbs. (110kg)
                                                             With Bed Rail Strap - 250 lbs. (110kg)


Specifications for STEADY BED RAIL:  
Max. user weight- 250 lbs. (110kg)
                                       With Bed Rail Strap - 300 lbs. (135kg)